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Warmly congratulate the company to expand the scale

Source:Kunshan Rui Cheng Da Pulished:2016-12-08

Kunshan Rui Cheng Da Electronics Co., Ltd. after nearly 10 years without writing, the business can be rapid development. Has been well-known manufacturers Amphenol, Huawei, music as, Wistron, Compal and other co-operation, became strategic partners. At the same time after years of unremitting efforts, Rui-up to win the customer's recognition and trust.
Rui Cheng constantly optimize internal management, strengthen technological innovation. With the continuous increase in business, staff in the growing, the company entered a new stage of rapid development. Recently, the company is gathering and recruiting all parties Yingcai, thus expanding the scale of office.
Rui-up to uphold the level of information leading customers to upgrade for the purpose, bearing in mind the customer's requirements and interests of the first place the business philosophy. We always pursue the highest customer satisfaction, we will use more exquisite technology, the amount of good after-sales service return customers, to provide customers with the most timely, most complete, best and most comprehensive solutions. At the same time, is willing to join hands with the outstanding manufacturers work together to create brilliant future.

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