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Monitoring installation with what line good monitoring cable quality identification

Source:Kunshan Rui Cheng DaPulished:2018-09-13

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Monitoring installation with what line good monitoring cable quality identification

Monitoring cables play the role of transmitting signals in the whole security system. The quality of monitoring cables directly affects the quality of the whole monitoring system. What is the good line for monitoring installation? This paper shares several key points of monitoring cable quality identification for your reference.

1. Look at the PVC jacket:On the surface, you can see the regular "roughness" of the net knitting inside the compaction, which indicates that the processing technology is good and relative sliding will not be generated. It is a good cable. It has a smooth appearance and can't see the "roughness" of the compacted net.
2. Check the screen layer network:

Is the count sufficient? The wire is made of copper material to check solderability. The wire is scraped to see if it is copper inside. The hardness of aluminum and magnesium alloy wire is obviously higher than that of copper wire. The network is sparse, the distribution is uneven, and the insulation layer is not tight, such as the difference cable;

3. Check core wire:

Diameter -- SYV cable is 0.78-0.8mm, and SYWV cable is 1.0mm. A type of cable whose diameter of syv75-5 core wire is 1.0mm appears. The characteristic impedance of this cable is definitely not 75 ohms, which is not applied to the 75 ohm transmission system.

4. Check the contact force between the conductor and insulation layer:

Cut the insulation layer obliquely and pull the core wire according to the stripping direction to see whether the core wire and insulation layer have the bonding process material; The good cable has a great binding force, but the bad cable does not stick.

5. Longitudinal tensile test:

Take one meter cable, separate and strip the core wire, insulator layer, shield layer, outer covering, each 10 cm long. The method is: two hands hold the adjacent two layers of the cable respectively and pull in opposite direction; Good cable general strength can not be pulled, the difference cable can be easily pulled out without effort - elevator cable this is very important, many so-called "elevator special cable" have such problems.

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