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How to buy video monitoring cables? Precautions for select video monitoring cables

Source:Kunshan Rui Cheng DaPulished:2018-09-13

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How to buy video monitoring cables? Matters needing attention for video monitoring cable!

Video monitoring cables are the video transmission medium used in the safety protection system. There are many kinds and materials. The quality of the cables has a great impact on the quality of video monitoring. Here are some notes to check your selected video monitoring cables for your reference.

Video signal transmission generally adopts direct modulation technology in the form of baseband frequency (about 8MHz bandwidth), and the commonly used transmission medium is coaxial cable. Coaxial cable is specially designed to transmit video signal. Its frequency loss, image distortion and image attenuation are relatively small, which can complete the task of transmitting video signal well. Generally, the special SYV75 ohm series coaxial cable is adopted, and the commonly used type is syv75-5 (it usually has a transmission distance of 300-500m for video signal). When the distance is far, coaxial cables of syv75-7, syv75-9 and even syv75-12 should be adopted (in actual engineering, the non-relaying transmission distance of thick cables can reach more than 1km);

I. enterprise qualification and product quality inspection certificate

When users or engineers choose security cables, they should first pay attention to the enterprise and product qualification materials, and need to know the following qualification certificates of the production enterprise: Business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate and so on all can show that the production scale of enterprise power and the enterprise level, the national industrial products production license (cable), CCC China compulsory product certification, the ministry of information industry examined, such as ISO9001 certification certificate are the necessary production enterprise production and business operation license qualifications and a sign of enterprise quality management level, the period of validity of the authority of the department of quality inspection reports, certificates or other documents, such as industry membership certificate, honorary certificate, certificate, patent certificate, etc. Is the production enterprise in the industry of user awareness, influence and overall strength of strong evidence.

2. Cost performance and service

When users purchase security wire and cable products, after understanding and carefully reviewing related qualification documents of the manufacturing enterprise, they will then comprehensively measure the product performance and price, as well as the service and supply guarantee capacity.

As an engineer or direct user, it is necessary to realize the efficiency and value of use at a reasonable price when the product quality is not much different. At present security system engineering needs a variety of specifications of the cable, the industry's mainstream security cable enterprises are generally able to guarantee. Therefore, some users unilaterally advocate foreign brands, and the consumption concept of high-priced cable products is irrational. Similarly, it is not desirable to blindly pursue low prices while ignoring product quality. It should be fully recognized that according to the law of market economy, reasonable price means reasonable quality assurance.

Iii. Field visit of manufacturers

When users choose cable products, it is also important to inspect the scale of the manufacturer and the production base. As an old saying goes, "seeing is believing". The particularity of cable products determines the specialty of cable detection means. Generally, users are accustomed to judging the quality of cable from its appearance and feel, but its real technical performance and parameters can only be achieved by relying on professional cable detection equipment.

The quality of cable products is mainly determined by the following aspects: raw material procurement; Production and testing equipment; Process and process control. The user can understand the guarantee degree of cable quality from the above points in the field inspection of the production enterprise.

Product acceptance and quality identification

The user can identify the products from the following aspects to determine whether the products conform to the standards. Considering that it is not possible for users to have professional testing equipment, several simple and effective methods are especially introduced:

1. At present, the main materials of safety cables are copper and PVC. The quality of the material can be identified with the naked eye.

2. Structural process detection
The user can unwrap the outer sheath of the cable to test the structure and process of the product when performing the product acceptance. The following items can be emphatically checked:

1) whether the copper conductor is twisted in a considerable proportion of irregular manufacturers is omitted in this important process. If the copper conductor is not twisted, the conductor structure will be unstable. When the cable is bent, the construction will easily cause the insulation cracking or the conductor piercing through the insulation layer.

2) if the cable pitch is too large, the cable pitch refers to the distance between the nodes of the conductor when the multi-core cable is twisted in the production process. In order to control costs and increase production speed, some manufacturers tend to enlarge the cable pitch. Therefore, the product has poor flexibility and unstable internal structure, which reduces the performance of the cable products
3) insulating plastics shall be tightly packed onto the conductor without damaging the conductor, and the conductor shall not deviate from the core.

4) the outer sheath is tightly wrapped on the internal structure, and the gap should not be too large. The outer sheath and the internal structure have polyester wrap to effectively prevent the adhesion between each other.

5) the quality of shield structure in shielded cable is crucial to the product safety system engineering. Tight, regular and flat coverage is required. In addition to the high production process requirements of production enterprises, the production equipment is very critical. At present, several major domestic security wire and cable enterprises adopt high-precision plc-controlled knitting machines. The products produced by such equipment have stable structure and regular arrangement, which guarantee excellent shielding performance.
6) uniform outer diameter and round degree are acceptable. Security cables are mostly used in engineering projects. Production enterprises mainly consider the stability of product structure, excellent transmission performance and reliability, so the roundness of appearance is generally not emphasized deliberately.
3. Professional equipment testing
A more accurate test method is to add professional testing equipment, or entrust a special organization to conduct product testing. Routine test items and test equipment are as follows:

Withstand voltage test - withstand voltage test bench

Structure check - a projector or measuring microscope
Conductor resistance - direct current bridge instrument
Conductor filament diameter - micrometer micrometer
Electrical test - multimeter
Tension resistance - tension machine

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