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Introduction of rf wire connector, choose and buy rf wire connector

Source:Kunshan Rui Cheng DaPulished:2018-09-13

Kunshan ruichengda electronics co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electronic wiring harness company, the company on the radio frequency wire connector for the following basic introduction, so that the majority of consumers quickly understand the radio frequency wire knowledge, for the future purchase of radio frequency wire products can also bring a little help

We often come into contact with rf wire connectors in our daily life. Many people also need to buy rf wire connectors by themselves. Which one is better? You might not know.

Next, introduce several rf wire connectors that have been evaluated better online:

1: extension connector cable TV, male to female.

Yf-4026 rf cable, change-over head, male to male.

2: rf connector rf connector f-jc-1.5 is pressed to a 1.5-wire RG174 wire RG316 wire.

3: straight end cable closed-circuit adapter cable line of sight plug, philips cable TV rf connector.

4: Taiwan gold-plated cable TV plug male head, video radio frequency connector antenna head, all copper antenna TV.
5: cable TV plug RF male head slug head TV video RF cable connector slug head female head.
6: rf cable connector cable head, F head. Closed circuit TV connector, inch thread head.
7: RF bus-head solderless TV bus-head, TV bus-head, TV video RF bus-head antenna bus-head.
8: female plug TV cable connector female head, RF head, RF head cable TV plug slug head.
9: RF male head RF head, closed circuit, solderless. TV adapter, cable adapter.
10: make antenna feeder jumper 50-3 female hole male head, internal screw internal hole, rf connector, rp-sma turn rf wire connector.


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