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Analysis on the Layout Trend of China 's Hardware Mold Industry in

Source:Kunshan Rui Cheng Da Pulished:2016-12-08

Domestic hardware stamping die industry layout adjustment, is the natural trend of economic development, the eastern region after years of technology, talent and capital accumulation, will gradually transition to high-end products production base, and emerging gathering will undertake some low-grade production. International Mold Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui on 2016, China's metal mold industry, the layout of the trend analysis that such a more reasonable division of labor, breaking the past single product, regional homogenization of serious situation, but also for China's mold industry provides a ladder of development space.
At present, the development of domestic metal stamping die industry features obvious, large, sophisticated and complex products become the mainstream industry, technological content will continue to increase, manufacturing cycle shortening, stamping die processing will continue to produce information in the digital, fine, And automation of the direction of development, industry comprehensive strength and core competitiveness significantly improved. Industry experts said, cheap Chinese stamping dies popular in the international market, domestic stamping die in China's total import and export of mold occupy the second important position. Stamping die mold total import and export of the percentage of 40.33% and 25.12%, has become the field of international stamping die one of the important exporters.
Domestic stamping die industry is constantly catch up with the world advanced level, and constantly narrowing the technological gap with developed countries, many domestic precision stamping die in the main performance has been able to compete with imported products, the overall industry significantly improved, not only to achieve import substitution, A considerable part of exports to the United States, Japan and other industrialized countries and regions. At present, China's precision stamping die is actively to the international arena, to participate in international competition. Although there are still some gaps with developed countries, but according to the current domestic industry development tips, the next few years, the domestic stamping die industry is bound to catch up, to promote the development of the domestic mold industry backbone, to enhance the industry's overall technical level to the more High-level development. Mold industry to further enhance the technical and technological level, will greatly enhance the ability of domestic enterprises to grasp the market, so in the next five to ten years to achieve industrial scale and technical level of the dual qualitative change.

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