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How to Enter New Market for Metal Stamping Parts

Source:Kunshan Rui Cheng Da Pulished:2016-12-08

Metal stamping new products to expand the market, mainly to find the opportunity to enter the market. While looking for opportunities to require entrepreneurs with observation, comprehensive analysis and imagination. The United States of America Philip, Kautler 3 co-author of the "new competition" in the book, the Japanese enterprises in the international marketing of the successful experience of a specific study, thus looking for opportunities to enter the market five specific methods. Hope that the hardware industry on the issue of new products to help.
one. Understand and learn from competitors. A Japanese company to rival the automatic dishwasher moved into their own experiments on the performance of the dishwasher, the number of parts, cost structure, etc. to be evaluated one by one, and each part of the determination to determine its Design advantages, understanding of the technical capabilities of competitors, production equipment and sales systems. In understanding and grasp each other on the basis of specific circumstances, design a better performance of the product, which entered the market to create a good condition.
two. Looking for ready-made opportunities. In the choice of good to hit into the target market, we must first find those neglected market segments, in these markets a firm foothold, and then further expand the market.
three. The implementation of creative dumping. Any product has a technological breakthrough, into a new market is not a new product as the only factor, and sometimes can be part of the improvement of certain products, will be able to improve marketing capabilities.
four. Create new opportunities. Refers to is not "according to gourd painting scoop" type of imitation of other people's products, but through their own research and innovation to innovative posture in the target market, to consumers novel feeling, stimulate the psychological needs of innovation.
Fives. Adapt and change customer preferences. Hardware products into the market not only to know what the market needs of consumers, like what, and then create customer demand according to market demand, through advertising to change the customer's hobbies, or establish a new concept of consumption.

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