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Kunshan RCD Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It is an enterprise integrating design, research and development, manufacturing, and sales of RF antennas, WiFi antennas, ultra-thin coaxial cables, LVDS Cables, automotive BMS system wiring harnesses and other products.


Quality Assurance

We have a professional quality control team (IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC more than 30 people), from the purchase of raw materials, each process of product production, storage of finished products, finished product shipments through professional QC personnel Controlled, all incoming materials, process consumables, jigs, packaging materials, etc. are all subject to environmental testing to ensure that there is no pollution throughout the process and meet customer environmental protection requirements.

R&D Capabilities

We have independent research and development capabilities and standardized development processes. The products we produce can be designed and customized by the company according to customer requirements. The company's R & D personnel have a professional background and have accumulated rich experience through long-term cooperation with large global antenna and wire harness suppliers, summarized a set of advanced and efficient design concepts, and actively applied computer-aided design (CAD) technology And other advanced technologies, simulate and analyze the required products, optimize and improve the product design plan accordingly, and realize the trial production and production of high-quality products.

Smart Device

While actively digesting and absorbing domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing technologies and processes, the company has also introduced a large number of advanced laser laser machines, RF automatic peeling machines, RF terminal machines, semi-automatic electronic wire terminal machines, induction welding machines, and hot bar wire welding machines. , Vertical molding machine, computer cutting and peeling machine, fully automatic terminal machine, fully automatic integrated machine, etc. and various types of testing equipment. By applying high-performance, high-precision advanced equipment in every daily production link, the company can continuously provide customers with products with stable performance and reliable quality.

After Sales Service

Comprehensive follow-up services, the company promotes quality management with full staff participation and full coverage, combined with the actual situation of product operations, established a company quality control system led by the general manager and responsible for each department. At the same time, the company has established product and customer files, and full-time product tracking services are provided by full-time staff in the business center. Through communication with customers, and timely feedback of user improvements with technical and production personnel, the continuous improvement of product and service quality is achieved.