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Cable assembly /Molex Connector/JST Connector Cables supplier

Cable assembly /Molex Connector/JST Connector Cables supplier
Cable assembly /Molex Connector/JST Connector Cables supplier
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Kunshan RCD Electronic Co., Ltd . is a new-type technology manufacturer integrating R&D, design, production and sales of wire harness products. The products are factory direct sales, large quantity and excellent price. Welcome friends to visit, negotiate and purchase. Hotline: Miss Wang +86 150 5162 5639 QQ: 170318131 Company website www.ksrcd.com

Kunshan RCD Electronic Co., Ltd . is an antenna, WIFI antenna, car antenna, GPS antenna, built-in PCB/FPC antenna, external antenna, digital TV TV antenna, AP antenna, active antenna, suction cup antenna, FFC cable, high frequency Cable, coaxial cable, RF cable, terminal harness, electronic harness, automotive wiring harness (engine wiring harness, instrument harness, car wiring harness, audio harness, ceiling harness, window harness, chassis wiring harness, control harness, vehicle) Wire harnesses, etc., new energy harnesses, excavator harnesses, equipment harnesses, etc. Professional design, development, production and corresponding engineering antenna series complete research and development, sales and integration of manufacturers, has a complete, scientific quality management system, to undertake a variety of built-in The production of antennas, variety, style, welcome friends to visit, negotiate and purchase.

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Contact: Miss Wang
Fixed line: 0512-5729 7872
Online QQ: 170318131
Contact: +86 150 5162 5639
Email: sofinawang@ksrcd.com
Company website: www.ksrcd.com
Head office address: 155 Huayuan Road, Zhangpu Town, Kunshan City,         

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